11 March 2010

Public Offerings

As if the Strip District isn’t already an eclectic experience, two more establishments are being added to the mix.

The Pittsburgh Flea at 21st and Railroad Street is labeling itself as the city’s premier good flea market with quirky finds. Slated for Sundays beginning April 18th and lasting seasonally through November, the Flea has already committed some favorite Pittsburgh food and accessories vendors, including Franktuary, Neighbor Teaze and designers from the Pittsburgh Glass Center.
I am excited for a possible décor resource. This vintage furniture vendor from Bethel Park looks promising. $45 each for these chairs.

The Pittsburgh Public Market is opening in the historic Terminal Building on Smallman St. in May. A year round market with comestibles and local goods (some of which are already available in the Strip), it is striving to one day reach the ranks of Seattle’s Public Market. I’m still curious about this one. There is controversy with the displacement of current wholesalers, and they're still searching for committed vendors. Already locked in include 21st Street (quite possibly the best cappuccino in Pittsburgh, by the way), Dozen Bakeshop, and Enrico’s Biscotti. Will parking in front of the auction building still be allowed? Or will we now have to pay $10 in the other lots? On the flip side, a marketplace will support the distribution of local goods, potentially encourage more diverse offerings, and allow us to enjoy one of Pittsburgh's amazing architectural landmarks.

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  1. Just to clarify with respect to the Public Market:
    1. It is not the Public Market that is displacing current wholesalers, but rather the URA which owns the building and plans to sell it to a private developer. The Public Market is non-profit tenant of the building and may possibly be displaced as well.
    2. 60-70% of the space in the market is already taken and additional vendors are currently awaiting approval by the market council
    3. Current Strip businesses that are taking spaces in the Public Market are generally doing so in order to expand their product offerings or test some new ideas that their current space is too small to accomodate. So even with respect to exisiting businesses you'll be seeing something new and there are a lot of new start-up businesses as well.


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