15 March 2010

Mellow Yellow

As the weather gets warmer, my wardrobe gets more colorful. Since seeing these adorable Kellie pumps at the Kate Spade shop in Ross Park last week, I can't get them out of my head. My favorite combination as of late is yellow and gray, and I have enough of the latter in my closet to compliment a splash of sunshine at my feet. A perfect transition into Spring wear.

According to Pantone, yellow is the color of change, hopefulness, warmth and good cheer. I hope that feeling never goes out of style. Some other adorable ways to wear some positive cheer on your sleeve or around your neck:

Yoana Baraschi fringe tank at Anthropologie.

Ruffled Spring Celosia cardigan at J.Crew.

Lemon-yellow bead and pearl necklace at KEP Designs.

Fringe scarf with metallic stripes, beautifulbridget on Etsy.

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