25 March 2010

Judged for its Cover

I finally saw one of the newly designed Penguin Classic clothbound books, created by British typographer Coralie Bickford-Smith. I understand all the fuss. Each hard-bound book cover represents a central theme of the story it is wrapping. There is even a stitched-in bookmark ribbon! The collection is gorgeous and would add dimension to one’s bookshelf in so many ways.
In full disclosure, I haven’t picked up a classic since it was required reading. These might be the motivating factor. I want a beautiful hard copy to curl up with and read classics like Alice in Wonderland, or Pride and Prejudice. You can’t get that experience with a Kindle.

But you can get the latest set of classics from Amazon for a sweet $13.60 each, also eligible for super saver shipping. Anthropologie is also carrying the collection.

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