14 March 2010

Information is Beautiful

In between his upcoming trips to Washington, Edward Tufte is coming to Pittsburgh. (See last week's announcement from the White House of Tufte's appointment to help track and visualize stimulus spending.)

For my local designer friends, if you haven't made it to his day-long seminar usually held on the coasts, here is the chance to experience this rite of passage.

For others interested in presenting information in a clean and compelling format, I strongly recommend the seminar. In fact, most of the attendees have a variety of professional backgrounds and leave with a greater appreciation for simple data presentation and relinquishing PowerPoint and its phluff.

The day-long session includes copies of the Yale statistician's four beautiful, self-published books, which he gladly autographs during pre-registration. He is a wonderful presenter (naturally), and highly entertaining, providing vivid examples and stories of good (and horrific) information design. A student and group discount is available. Register for the seminar, scheduled for Friday, April 9th.

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