22 March 2010

Filled with Character

1. A playing card whose value can vary as determined by its holder.
2. A symbol that stands for one or more unspecified characters, used especially in searching text and in selecting multiple files or directories.
3. An unpredictable or unforeseeable factor.

I couldn't think of a better description for Wildcard, the new gift and stationery shop on Butler St. in Lawrenceville. The beautiful, renovated storefront is filled with handmade and unique pieces, mostly made right in Pittsburgh. Letterpress lovers will rejoice. I also loved all of the beautiful wrapping paper and gift bags.

The shop carries Jetset stationery: Moleskines and cards cleverly handprinted with recognizable area and airport codes, as seen in some major magazine gift guides.

I'd even consider donning black and gold in one of the cute Pittsburgh tees they carry. And this Thursday from 6-9pm, they are holding their first trunk show for Iron City Upcyclery. How cute is this Dovetail blouse, handmade from a ruffled tablecloth?

And while you're there, be sure to enter the raffle for a basketful of handmade goodness, with proceeds going to the BRESMA Orphanage in Haiti.


  1. Hey - this is the folks at WildCard. Cool mention, thanks for putting us on your blog!


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