28 March 2010

As Good As New

We've been in the house for 8 months and we've added our personality throughout the rooms at a pretty good pace. Of course, I still see all the things we haven't yet done. As I walked through my living room earlier today, I stared at the Louis XV chair that was a generous hand-me-down, trying to figure out how I might be able to reupholster it myself (I was given a quote of $450 plus fabric to get it done!)

So I went to one of my favorite sites, Design*Sponge, and scrolled through many, many amazing, inspiring Before & Afters to see if I might get some tips. I still have no idea how to upholster my chair, but now I just want to run out to every single tag and estate sale around Pittsburgh to see how I can enhance the rest of the house.

Can you believe? The vision. I am duly impressed.

I found similar tables in my husband's grandfather's garage, so I think they're coming back with us after our next visit.

Of course, I immediately trolled through craiglist and found some amazing pieces on the antiques post. Like this vanity, or this Thonet rocking chair. Or this set of chairs! Can you imagine them sanded and reupholstered with a gorgeous bold pattern!? Pittsburgh has a treasure trove of pieces floating around. Any favorite outposts?


  1. a good place to check for prices on upholstery is t's (or something like that) in lawrenceville. they may be less than $450 and they are super nice. they just re-stuffed my couch and it looks like new! much less than buying a new couch!

  2. that's who quoted me $450... i was pretty shocked.

  3. I just got a quote on a bat wing chair of $800/900 from Andrea's in Greensburg. The shocker there is that I already took off the old stuff and replaced the springs myself. I just don't trust myself to finish it. I think $450 sounds good.
    I found both of these antiques sofas
    at UFO in Greensburg is is really hit or miss there.

  4. Gorgeous sofas. Thanks for the insight.

    I guess my predicament is more about prioritizing... I'm not exactly sure of the chair provenance. T's is doing my dining room chairs right now and I trust they'll do a great job. Plus the chairs are beautiful antiques from our family. Decisions...


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