22 February 2010

Well Done

One collection featured at New York Fashion Week that will make a debut in my closet is Alexa Chung for Madewell. The stylish British model showed very wearable (and affordable) pieces that have a relaxed vintage-meets-preppy flair. I love the slim lines and pleats mixed with chunky clogs.

It's so fascinating how modern style icons are playing such an influential role in the fashion world. And then trying to infuse the individuality of it all. My Madewell shows stylish young things sharing their looks in a digital scrapbook with their handwritten profiles to make it real.

Madewell is the edgier little sister of J.Crew. The Spring Madewell collection has a similar look to Alexa's upcoming collection, as it was said to be inspired by her. I'm happy the classic fitted blazer is everywhere.

Madewell is currently available at their limited retail stores and by phone until the online store launches this Spring (though Shopbop has a select few things.) I can only hope Pittsburgh might be an upcoming market. Madewell would fit here verywell.

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