03 February 2010

Eco Fabulous

I always found myself upset at the checkout aisle in Whole Foods, realizing I've left my reusable bags at home tucked in the pantry. (Or even more upset at a certain grocery store that would bag 11 items in practically 11 different plastic bags.)

That has changed since I received an adorable EnviroSax tote. Rolled up like an umbrella but into a size of a sushi roll, the sexy little sack is as durable as it is stylish: it weighs 1.4 oz but when unraveled it holds 44 lbs of stuff and reveals the cutest patterns. (And they're $8.50 each! And waterproof and washable!) I have been so diligent with tossing it back into my handbag that when we were at the market in Germany earlier this week, I was proud that I had it on-hand like any good European shopper.

There is a huge global following-- the Australian-based eco company sells EnviroSax all over the world. It was part of the Golden Globes gift baskets this year as well. Fortunately, they're sold online and through Contemporary Concepts in Squirrel Hill. Perfect to tote on the next trip to the Strip District.

Teach green practices young with the adorable kids line.

A more neutral look if he prefers not to help carry the groceries in a floral bag.

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