17 February 2010

The Show Must Go On

I only realized it now, but the glimpse I caught of the tents at Bryant Park while in a cab on 6th Avenue last week will be the last time I ever see them again. Starting in September, New York Fashion Week will be held at Lincoln Center. Fashion is an artform, so it's an appropriate venue. But the tents have a history, for New York fashion and for me as well.

Out of college,  I landed the coveted position as the marketing intern for New York Fashion Week's office. I helped sell ad space for The Daily, stuffed press kits, obliged with Starbucks runs and very strange errands. But the perk of that one week outweighed it all: I helped seat sponsors and was able to watch all the shows my heart desired. I voluntarily returned the next season, and somehow I worked my way into the tents every season I lived in New York. One season it was as a publicist for a sponsor, one season as a freelancer, and the last few years it was backstage, dressing the models in jewels. It was work though; for a few weeks prior, I would be constantly meeting with the designers and their team, recommending pieces based on the theme of their collection. I drafted press releases, letting every accessories editor know to keep a look on wrists and necklines. A success means months of coverage in every fashion magazine.

There is creative energy and passion on display by all the participants, audience and backstage alike. I always took fashion with a grain of salt, as one must do to keep sane surrounded by so much fantasy. Hence, I was sorely disappointed when the only original article the Post-Gazette featured barely discussed style, and failed to see the glamour of it all. If you can't take the circus, stay out of the tents.

There is something so magical that goes on inside the tents. It is all about the show in every sense, a culmination of a vision. It is the final presentation after months of work. Countless hours and thousands of dollars go into a 15-minute show. And of course, there is drama. Musical chairs, a missed delivery, unexpected attendees, A-listers with their entourage. But the real stage is the runway. Every look is carefully crafted and styled to perfection. It sets the stage for what we're all clamoring for next season. And by the time we have it, they're on to the next show.

A fabulous look at the collection and a great recap on Carolina Herrera's Fall 2010 show earlier this week. Courtesy of Mary.


  1. Fascinating. Your insider Fashion week experience is a fantasy of so many. I'd love to hear more about it.

  2. Awesome note! You should frame that!

  3. Great post! Lets get a picture of you and Carolina together and add that + your note into a lovely framed display.


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