23 February 2010

Orchid Display

There is something so graceful, elegant, and timeless about orchids. They complement both modern and classic decor, and I have never met anyone who doesn't find them absolutely beautiful. Including Steelers' safety and Phipps' board member Troy Polamalu, who apparently grows orchids in his home.

Phipps Conservatory is wrapping up their orchid show this weekend with a drawing for a football signed by Polamalu. (What better way to bring the better half.) It is peak season for the orchids at the Phipps, and in celebration, they've had special events all month about the exotic blooms. This weekend, learn about growing them at home and designing arrangements.

Orchid on a hall console, as shown on the cover image of Celerie Kemble's latest interior design book, To Your Taste. ( I love that glossy inlaid floor.)

Interior designer Glenn Gissler's portfolio of a city apartment. The orchid adds such simple organic beauty to soften all the modern lines. And they work in the most simple of pots.

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