02 February 2010

Guide to City Chic

I am back home after a whirlwind but a very special weekend with family in Germany. Jetlag hasn't hit; probably because I got my own row both ways on the transatlantic flights to adjust and sleep horizontally. I did hear a passenger mention that the weekend flights are packed, so note to try to book the Paris flights for weekdays!

I have returned with memories and inspirations I look forward to sharing. My mother and I had a free day to spend in downtown Hamburg and hit as many shops and caf├ęs as one can fit in a day. Our supplemental guide was the Wallpaper* City Guide I picked up a while back in a museum shop.

We had lunch at Cafe Paris, featured in the city guide.

A collaboration between the edgy magazine and Phaedon press, Wallpaper* city guides are a perfect pocket-sized book filled with recommendations of stylish jaunts only an insider would really know. The guides map out the hip neighborhoods and recommend dining, boutique, spa and hotel options, and the must-see architectural landmarks. It isn't substantial on its own, but these guides make you feel like you really experience a city like the way a stylish young local lives.

Wallpaper* guides are available for over 80 cities, and a select few cities are available as iPhone apps. The guide is small and conspicuous enough that I didn't mind whipping it out when needed, and for $7-10 apiece, it's worth having the book in your hand and not worrying about international data limits. I might give the NYC app a go and try it out on the next visit.

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