07 February 2010

Conscious Decisions

Our plans for last night were obviously cancelled, so we watched Julie & Julia. It left me with three main takeaways:

1. Meryl Streep should definitely win the Oscar.
2. I have become completely self-conscious about cooking. Would Julia be appalled that the only time I've made Boeuf Bourguignon is in my slow cooker?
3. I have become completely self-conscious about blogging. Is anybody out there?

My husband laughed when Julie and her husband have an argument with both of them admitting that blogging has made her more self-absorbed. Fortunately, like Julie, I have a supportive husband; he makes suggestions and is a devoted follower.

Also like Julie, I began blogging to fill a creative void in my day-to-day activities. Whether or not I have a ton of followers, I've enjoyed collecting my thoughts about simple pleasures in life, and having an outlet to discuss style and events. I used to be completely surrounded by the fashion world and 360 degrees of stimuli, and while I have little regret about the decisions I made in my professional and personal life, I do miss it.

I'm always looking for more outlets and like-minded individuals in Pittsburgh. There is enough coverage on sports, politics, meds and eds, much more now on culture and the arts scene, but very little on design and fashion. Case in point: when googling Pittsburgh style, images of a Primanti's sandwich fill the screen. Now try that with New York or San Francisco.

I know there are many stylish young things in Pittsburgh. And I keep meeting so many nice people. I find it interesting that many times I do, there's a litmus test: "What brought you here and what do you think?" The general consensus usually involves a comparison with time spent in a larger cosmopolitan city, but finding Pittsburgh endearing with loads of potential.

So I'm trying to do my little part.

Now I'm off to cook. 


  1. Yes. Someone is out here. Keep going! You are doing great with this blog. And um, the slow cooker is genius.

  2. I stumbled on your blog via the "I Love Pittsburgh" facebook fan site, which I didn't join, but looked at because, well, I do. I'm going to add this to my "like to read" blogs.

    I had to laugh at your thoughts about blogging. I just started one and it is my creative outlet too and I totally have a supportive husband who tells me, "wow, that was good" even if I question what I write. Yay for him.

    Keep at it. I'll check in!


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