10 February 2010

American Looks

Somehow or another, I'm enduring the winter storm from this view.  A quick impromptu trip to New York for a project (and pleasure where it fit) evolved into contingency planning once my flight home was cancelled. I'm not seeking sympathy; it entailed checking out of the hotel and heading uptown to one of my best friend's apartment, shedding work clothes into something more comfortable, and doing a market run at Eli's.

I wish I had time to shop during this visit, but I strategically went straight to American Apparel and picked up winter leggings and a baby thermal crewneck tee.

Some new Spring pieces were out and looked so good.  Of course, I tend to like the more traditional pieces that are given a modern cut. I took home a unisex sailor stripe boatneck, which has a heavy canvas feel and slim, boxy fit. I walked past the metallic leggings. The salesgirl rocked them, but they just scream trend to me.

If only this oxford shirtdress were a few inches longer, I'd completely wear it in all the suggested ways. I love their basics and that everything is so reasonably priced. The American Apparel on Walnut St. in Shadyside has quite a good selection.

As for the storm's impact in New York, it hasn't been as severe as expected, but the snow removal is nothing short of impressive. (Maybe someone could learn a thing or two from Bloomberg.)

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