01 January 2010

Resolutions in Order

Happy twenty-ten! With a new year comes new (or in my case, renewed) resolutions. Every year, I always aim to be more organized. I have been told that I appear very organized, but I am well aware of the few piles of clutter left from moving that I have yet to tackle. And my husband finds it humorously ironic, considering that my master's thesis project was to design an organization system for paper clutter. Simply put, I have no more excuses.

In addition to my research and documentation, I created a set of cards for one to refer to when organizing. (Another goal is to DO something with the cards, i.e. market them, but that is a whole other resolution.) A piece of paper clutter can either be stored, displayed, or thrown out. But because I'm in decorating mode, let's cut right to the display card. The card might not make as much sense without having the whole set; essentially, you should display things you want at your fingertips or need as a visual reminder.

IKEA has positively everything you need to make your clutter appear put together and organized. The grid bookshelf is a must, as are the boxes for your magazines, and wedding or college scrapbook items.

I am adding green to my kitchen decor, so these sleeves would be great to hold my old Gourmet and Cooking Light issues.

If you are a Getting Things Done follower, the acrylic inbox from Crate and Barrel is neat and chic. (Speaking of Crate and Barrel, I am very excited to hear that it is coming to Ross Park.)

Only Martha could make a bulletin board look like a work of art (in the top image; below are from Blueprint). Great and easy DIY. Forget the beige cork and cover with linen or a beautiful fabric. Thanks to a tip from my fabulous friend, I discovered Loom in the Strip District that carries tons of pretty fabric at ridiculously low prices (some at $10 a yard).

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