03 January 2010

A New Lens

My resolutions include continuing to learn and pursuing more interests. I am killing two birds with one stone by enrolling in a digital photography course at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Along with Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, this non-profit organization supports local and emerging talent through an accredited curriculum and events to cultivate and encourage visual arts.

Until this Wednesday, tuition is reduced, and classes begin next week. I am excited to finally use my DSLR properly and learn more about the history of this art form, and even more excited that Dylan Vitone is the adjunct instructor. An assistant professor at CMU Design and Pittsburgh's emerging artist of 2009, Dylan has work in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, among other galleries. You can see some of his panoramic collages of Pittsburgh (shown above; part of a two-year documentation about social change) currently on display in Digital to Daguerreotype at the Carnegie Museum of Art through the end of the month.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers also regularly hold screenings of classics, foreign films and indies at Regent Square, Melwood Theatre in Oakland, and Harris Theatre in Downtown. See The Graduate starting January 31, in Regent Square.


  1. Did you enjoy the class at Pittsburgh filmmakers? I am considering taking the same course for fall.

  2. Hi there. I did. Although I wish it were a little bit more technical.


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