10 January 2010

Living Green

Our kitchen is black and white with brushed steel accents. And green started to appear organically: a couple friends gave me potted plants that now sit on the windowsill of our nook. Over the holidays, we found ourselves adding to the collection during a trip to Roxanne's Dried Flowers in the Strip District. Blink and you'll almost miss the storefront while navigating the sidewalk on Penn Avenue; stop before hitting 21st Street and step inside to gaze at the tall white walls filled with beautifully dried arrangements and botanical prints.

I had my eye on a botanical print there for months and scored it during the after holiday sale. (After seeing the same print on a favorite decor blog, I knew I had to have it--the print on the right).

Most of the greenery at Roxanne's is smaller and perfect for a mantle or shelf. If you're like me and afraid of caring for any sort of living object, the dried topiaries would add the same element without the maintenance. We took a little more risk and bought a few cacti in pretty blue pots, and I'm happy to report they're alive and well.

Part of my inspiration to add to the green collection was from Rita Konig's style post in T Magazine; living greens not only create a more inviting element, but the variety of shapes and textures bring a verdant look to get through the winter months.

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  1. I can't believe you finally got the print! I can't wait to see it!


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