24 January 2010

Joining the Band Wagon

It made a cameo appearance last Spring, and apparently it's back for an encore this season. The Marching Band jacket has evolved: it's cropped, fitted, kind of kitschic, and has a hint of military flair. Still, I can't help but think of the King of Pop or reminisce back to sitting on the bleachers watching my high school band perform.

My bet is that this is a trend that comes and goes by next season. I like the varied interpretations, and tend to prefer the ones that add extra elements to a chic blazer (in other words, no sequins or sparkle here.) The Balmain that started the whole craze retails for $10k (shown above).

I would rock the AKA New York version, available at Saks.

I like the scoop cut on Victoria's Secret's take (and it's $69.)

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