16 January 2010

It's All in the Details

A store that has risen in my ratings of personal favorites is Restoration Hardware. I suppose this makes me officially an adult. (Of all the recent milestones, becoming a homeowner is the one that made me realize I've reached adulthood.)

So naturally, in the past six months, we've found ourselves going to Mt. Lebanon Galleria on several occasions, and ordering from RH online. Our latest shipment just arrived: glass knobs for our dining room built-ins. They replace brass handles, and accidentally perfectly match our chandelier. It is amazing what a difference the little details make.

On a side note, I love the Mission house numbers. Perfect for the Craftsman style homes throughout Pittsburgh.

The Turkish Bath Towels are worth the splurge. They are plush and heavy, absorbant, and stay soft after many washes.

A great piece of advice I received when creating my wedding registry was to be sure I put lamps on the list. We are now properly lit in every room, but if not, I would love any of the RH lamps.

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