12 January 2010

Holy Cowl

Another resolution of mine is to learn how to knit. Properly. So that something wearable comes out of it. My German mother has taught me how to knit and purl continental style countless times, but my patience for not walking out with a gorgeous scarf an hour later makes me throw my hands up and resign to the fact that my future children will just have to wear what their talented grandmother makes.

I have, however, become my mother's creative director. I find fabulous knittable accessories, she searches for a pattern and voila! I now have stylish cowls for every day of the week. A few patterns she's found and I've been wearing around wintery Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh has a fabulous LYS (local yarn store): Knit One in Squirrel Hill. They carry a large selection of truly lovely yarn, including chunky Blue Sky alpaca yarn, perfect for cowls. They also offer lessons: special private sessions, including luxury cowl, and beginner knitting classes on Sunday afternoons.

And for those without patience or not seeking a new hobby, there's always Etsy.


  1. Christina, your mom's creations are beautiful! She taught me the continental style when I was in RI, but life at the firm cut into knitting and now I've completely forgotten everything. One of my resolutions was also to pick it up again. The cowls are definitely a source of motivation.

  2. I think we both need a refresher course! May?


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