18 January 2010

Grey Gardens to Golden Globes

After any awards show, I would always look forward to work the next day. There were occasions when our jewelry collection would be on the red carpet so I would be confirming details with the press. But even more so, I looked forward to a what-they-wore discussion with my colleague, a style arbiter (and sartorialist feature) in her own right.

The Golden Globes red carpet had substance (in layers and layers of ruffles) but was lacking style. Jewelry was kept to a minimum-- diamond drops and studs and no necklaces. See Vogue's top ten, and the New York Times slideshow separates it by color palette. The best recap is usually Kat Giantis' pithy observations in Undressed.

Drew Barrymore's pale Atelier Versace gown was my favorite until she turned to the right. The crystal embellishments looked appropriately gathered at the shoulder, but the sleek silhouette was disrupted by the clump at the hip. A smaller-scale brooch would have worked better, or an encrusted bracelet in lieu of the crystal porcupine.  It's so big, it's become an armrest!

On a more interesting note, Drew won a globe for the HBO remake of Grey Gardens as Little Edie.  Apparently, it tells the entire backstory to what was captured in the original documentary.

I watched the Maysles' film in its entirety a few weeks ago and now truly understand, paradoxically, the meanings of insanity and style. To learn about both films and whatever happened to the Beales' and their house, this blog captures it all.

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  1. I totally agree with you about Drew's dress. And Eddie's style. Nice to know that even though we may loose our marbles, we have a chance at keeping the style quota up.


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