28 January 2010

Au Revoir

Tonight I'm Europe-bound by way of the Pittsburgh to Paris flight. (As a sort of last minute surprise, I am joining in the celebration for my grandmother's birthday.) I cannot express my excitement and support more that our city has direct access to Europe. And to be able to avoid JFK or Philly both exiting and entering the country is a huge plus.

We went to Paris after I graduated last Spring and timed our trip to fly on one of the first direct flights. It was positively lovely. I cannot wait to watch some of the new movies I missed in the theatres. Have a complimentary glass of wine or two. And of course, the courtesy publications are très chic: Air France's Madame magazine features style and events on a global level. (The online version is elegant and fun to peruse. There is a great article this month about French icon and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.) Even the items in the in-flight catalog are tempting, like the cute retro suitcase above, putting SkyMall to shame.

To have such accessibility to one of the most amazing cities on the planet is absolutely a highlight for Pittsburgh. It makes a long weekend in Paris a possibility. This might be one of the few occasions where I am hoping to get stranded on the way back home. Au Revoir!

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  1. I share your sentiments on Paris; I fell for the city on my first visit in 1976 and have visited many times since then. Perhaps the plane may be overbooked and you will be offered a later return flight! :)


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