12 December 2009

Shelter Magazine, 2.0

It has been painfully sad watching all these beautiful print publications fold in the past few years. First Martha Stewart's Blueprint, then Domino, and most recently, Gourmet. (Add to the list Cookie, which I had looked forward to receiving once I met their target demographic.) I was a dedicated subscriber, and I have a decent archive of most of the issues. I know I am one of thousands who mourned (relatively speaking) and tried to find other outlets to fill the void. There is a lot of content on Flickr and blogs, some solely dedicated to those publications.

The second issue of Lonny Magazine was released this week. Created by those directly affected by the closings (read: out of a job), these style arbiters have reunited to reignite the creative spark in shelter mags. At first, I was lukewarm about the digital format; there is something so wonderful about sitting on the couch, tearing and folding dogears on pages. But the same time, I love the direct link to all of the featured images, and it's so easy to save and never lose pictures.

The format is modern, interactive, and elegantly presents the familiar typefaces and treatments we all missed seeing. I also completely understand the trepidation (and huge cost) to try to launch a magazine, so if I have to read from my iMac to ensure that it's going to be around, so be it. Plus, it's available rightthissecond without waiting weeks (and paying) for a subscription.

The aesthetic and content has improved second time around. In this issue, there are good gift suggestions, some of which are available in stores around Pittsburgh (or just simply click the link and you're set.)

House of Harlow bangle from Gap/Piperlime.

Diptyque candle (also at Toadflax in Shadyside).

This room! So dramatic, and Western Pennsylvania luxe, maybe?

The feature on J.Crew's new Upper East Side womens store is fab-- what to do if J.Crew wasn't down the street.

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