10 December 2009

Latte Love in the South Side

One strong suit of Pittsburgh is the variety of great coffee shops. I don't have a favorite, but several favorites, depending on where I am in the city. A common denominator: most exclusively brew Intelligentsia. One that is as charming as it is delicious is Big Dog Coffee, set in a Victorian rowhouse-turned-storefront on Sarah Street in the South Side. You can sit in the front room and chat in front of the fireplace with the barista, or lead yourself back to a quieter room and the outside courtyard (in appropriate weather, of course.)

Every time we go, I never want to leave. The owner is super friendly, they are dog friendly (or lax at least, as one would expect from such a moniker.) It is apparent that there is a strong sense of community. We don't live in the South Side, but we make it a point to go there anytime we cross the Mon. I further assume most patrons are able to walk over because finding parking is a challenge. But it's worth it.

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