17 December 2009

Love Letterpress

If I could change my career to a labor of love, it would be in letterpress. Letterpress is the art of relief printing with moveable type or plates on a printing press (a la Gutenberg) to create a tactile impression. I designed the artwork for the plates to print my wedding invitations, and in grad school, I finally learned how to typeset and operate a Vandercook.

My husband is well aware that one day, the half of our one and a half car garage will be useful as my studio. If nothing else, I'd like to find an old tabletop letterpress to start. Although now there is a letterpress kit available to the masses that has actually received pretty good reviews (I would like to see the quality of the impression to judge); either way, the price is attractive.

Kards Unlimited in Shadyside carries a small collection of letterpress stationery by B Designs. Perfect stocking stuffer, or to use for all the thank you notes we'll all be writing after the holidays. And there's something for everyone on Etsy. (Like the card above from Paper Lovely.)

Start off the New Year with this adorable seasonal calendar from bheuer.

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