08 December 2009

Here it is.

This is a long time coming.

Well, close to three years at least, when I moved to the lovely city of Pittsburgh.

For the preceding five years, I lived in the Upper East Side, took the 6 train to my job as a PR manager for a luxury goods company, and attempted to have some semblance of a social life that one would expect a young twenty-something living in the city to have. Navigating through the myriad of options was a small challenge, but between New York Magazine, the requisite dose of Daily Candy and a few emails with girlfriends, I always managed to find something worthwhile to explore. I loved living in New York. But something was missing. My better half had moved to Pittsburgh.

For now, I'll spare details about our 7-year-long-distance courtship. Luckily, for most of it, it involved Amtrak and alternating weekends. But Pittsburgh was meant to be the new chapter. The new city for both of us together. I visited him a few times before making the big decision and thought Pittsburgh was quite charming, reminded me a little bit of Georgetown and Adams Morgan.

When I got here, I cried. And cried. And cried. What had I done? I was still getting my daily updates of sample sales and launch parties, and here I was, stuck in Pittsburgh, not knowing anyone besides my fiancee.

Fast forward to today. I love Pittsburgh. I truly do. I drag my friends out here to visit us and I love surprising them with all the little hidden treasures that exist here. It takes more digging, but as we plant roots here, I have realized that it's possible to have a similar lifestyle to the one I had in New York. Only one thing is missing: a resource to finding all things stylish more easily. A guide to Chicsburgh.


  1. clearly i do not monitor my comments well enough, as i just saw this. thank you! yours is great too!


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