21 December 2009

A Glass Castle

As if the Phipps Conservatory isn't beautiful enough, you can visit during Candlelight Evenings, where the leading pathway is illuminated each night (except Christmas) until 10pm through the end of December.

On certain nights, there is a special music performance by local talent, and the Frabel Glass exhibition is still on display. The renowned German glass artist created organic and whimsical figures especially for the Phipps space.

This landmark of history and beauty follows its original intention to prove a source of instruction as well as pleasure to the people: floral landscape, floral design, and botanical illustration are just a few classes offered this spring. And the conservatory is involved in sustainability practices through its Project Green Heart initiatives.

Phipps is no hidden secret; it was on international display when the world leaders attended the G20 Summit opening dinner here last September. Carla Bruni Sarkozy had a look of delight when she first arrived. It is a breathtaking setting.

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