09 December 2009

Decoration in Rotation

Filling up a real grown-up house takes a lot of effort. We've started to tackle one room at a time, after performing triage on the things we absolutely couldn't live with from the start (namely the giant bouquet-printed wallpaper in the master bedroom).

Fortunately, our house is over 70 years old and in great condition. We know we lucked out. It wasn't easy; we viewed at least 50 houses over 6 months before knowing this was it. We saw every condition of the Pittsburgh potty.

The previous owners made nice updates about 10 years ago: kitchen, finished basement. The style of the house is exactly what I had hoped (dreamed?) to find: a classic brick georgian colonial. The upstairs bathroom is full of original black and white subway tile and reminds me of a pre-war New York apartment. It is duly noted that we could not afford this in Boston or Connecticut.

I have held onto every Domino magazine for the day when I'd have a house (RIP Domino). Right now we're focusing on the downstairs in rotating phases. The kitchen is done for this round. My inspiration is a happy medium between these.

I can never decide on one look, but I know the moment I like something, and somehow it ends up blending all together. We have sort of an island (more like a peninsula) that cuts the kitchen in half, creating a nook. We found a tulip-style fiberglass cafe table at Perlora in the South Side and paired it with a set of black Thonet chairs.

I need a set of these gorgeous pendant lamps from Restoration Hardware to complete the look. One day.

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