14 December 2009

12 Reasons I Love Dozen

12. Cupcakes, 7 different flavors each day. Vanilla vanilla and milk chocolate are always on the menu for you cupcake purists.

11. Not only does every possible Pittsburgh list rank the cupcake #1, but it also made the list of Top 11 Best in the country by MSN.

10. The cupcake menu changes seasonally: gingerbread vanilla and peppermint chocolate to get into the holiday spirit.

9. The red velvet cupcake is my favorite.

8. They're one of the few food establishments open on Mondays in Lawrenceville.

7. A vegan option is on the menu daily, and they're just as delicious.

6. Baked mini doggy cupcakes made of oats and peanut butter are available in a pack of six.

5. They try to get their ingredients locally, from the dairy to the stout (for the east end stout cupcake).

4. Intelligentsia coffee.

3. The Lawrenceville shop has free wifi.

2. Not only can they bake, but the breakfast, brunch and lunch options are tasty too.

1. There are now five Dozen locations (most recently the South Side), making the city a little sweeter.

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