12 July 2012

What I'm Doing on my Summer Vacation

I don't think I have to state the obvious: I abandoned the blogosphere. And it's felt pretty good. No longer do I think about what I might share publicly, but instead focus on all that is happening in my private life. I would love to share every little detail about our fabulous summer vacation, our little boy's first birthday, and my obsession with ridiculously overpriced side tables I would love to have for our living room. But I'm not sure I want to share all of that with just anyone with internet access to see. Of course, I couldn't resist sharing just one final pic.

I started blogging to fill a creative void and for a good while, it felt right. It made me seek all the good things going on in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. We got out and participated in them. And then, I quit my uncreative job and took control. I achieved my short-term goals: I am my own boss, I have creative part-time work, and I am blessed with the most wonderful little being on the planet (with a supporting and loving husband, I might add.) The gap is overly filled. 

I also feel a bit overwhelmed with all the virtual clutter in my life, via pinterest, news feeds, tweets and blogs I follow. My humble little posts can't compete. If I am going to do something in my (limited) spare time, I want to do it with purpose and passion. That being said, I am pursuing an exciting, creative (non-digital) side project, and I'm super excited to share it in the future. I'll be back. In the meantime, I'll save you one less blog to filter.

Signing off (for now),

14 May 2012

Summer Sundays Sun Salutations

How's that for alliteration? Sorry I've been off the map (see previous post.) Anyhow, this came across my inbox and when I saw yoga and park, I had to share. I guess this is the second annual. But last summer was a complete blur with newborn baby, so it will be the first for me!

Yoga Hive in the Park  by the east end-based Yoga Hive studio
Every Sunday morning from May 20 through August 19
9:30am at Highland Park Reservoir
Rain, rain go away: in case of uncooperative weather, it moves it back to the studio.

01 May 2012

Frame of Mind

I came across this documentary about design thinking and had to shamelessly promote. Not because I have anything to do with the funding or creation of this artifact, but because I constantly, maybe daily, am asked what kind of designer I am, and this is a look at the type of work I love. I know I talk so much about interiors, products and fashion, and I am a lover of all things well-designed. But when it comes to my true passion in the workplace, it is to collaborate with others and design a solution to a wicked problem.

The film premiered a few days ago so the jury's still out on reviews. However, there are some major heavy-hitters interviewed, several of whom were keynote speakers at conferences I've attended, so count me in as a viewer. Plus, I particularly like the quote in the trailer: It doesn't matter what the problem is. I can go in and solve it because I am a designer! But in all seriousness, while the term design thinking is old to the choir, I hope this film highlights what an open-minded approach, collaboration and prototyping can do for issues affecting many of us.

23 April 2012

Madewell, Finally!

I haven't been to Ross Park mall in a couple months. (Simply because baby and I went frequently in the frigid winter months and other than this unwelcome cold snap, we've enjoyed the outdoors quite a bit.) But now I have a worthwhile reason:

Madewell is opening tomorrow. I've admired this edgier little sister of J.Crew online for years and only recently stepped foot in a store while on Newbury Street in Boston last month. I am super excited for another in-person fashion option in Pittsburgh, so I can try it on and not worry about shipping it back.

I am loving stripes, colorblock and the chambray trends this season. Lots to go in my dressing room! Now the weather needs to return to Spring to wear such cute things.

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